You might remember (Or not, I won’t be offended) that I wrote things about tea in the French colonies. Just in case, here are the links:



I had completely forgotten this topic and while looking at online archives on maritime power and colonies, I found out new things on the topic of French Indochina (the former name from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) and tea.

While expanding my research with some references I had found, I came on other older articles and newspapers dealing with this topic or let’s say with the topic of tea in the French colonies or potentially dealing with it and economical/sociological reasoning behind tea or no tea in certain areas.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do a quick search as these old newspapers were scanned but not really indexed. This means I have to go through all of them to see if and what is written and then to make something out of it. I still don’t know what the real scope of my next article (or articles) will be but you know the topic or at least part of it.

As they say on TV, stay tuned.


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