To my friend in tea

I hope you will forgive me for this little piece I wrote dedicated to my Thermos Bottle during which I might have been overcome by a poetic enthusiasm and slightly I have exaggerated a little.
But let’s get back to the poem.

O you my trusted friend in tea,
Together we lived so many adventures,
Going through so many ventures,
Sometimes in the deepest and darkest sea.

To be fair to you, and this I must,
Because in you I trust,
You were always there for me
Without howling like a banshee,

You are my true brother in arms.
Testimony of my numerous trips.
Bringing me out of harms,
Bringing me out of my eclipse.

I might not have treated you well.
You bear the scars to show it.
But you didn’t split,
And kept on ringing the bell.

The bell of tea.
Keeping them warm,
To protect me from the storm
Those I couldn’t foresee.

This is why I wanted to thank you
My trusted friend in tea.
You are truly one of the crew.
My trusted friend in tea.


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