Drink me I’m famous

I must confess that for none of us it was a night party but when thinking about this nice event, those were the first words that came to my mind.
But perhaps I must first get back in time so that this all story makes sense to those who weren’t there.

Last year sometime in November, I went to Paris on a Saturday and since I had time before going to what I was waited, I had decided to go to Theodor shop near the Eiffel Tower.

By Theodor

I had a full list between what I wanted for me (or for my experiments), for people really close to me and some for the people of Teatrade.
I had asked what they liked but without any clear answer I had to decide for myself and I went for two flavoured teas; the two being a kind of signature teas for Theodor (at least for me), Thé du Loup and Je t’aime.

I sent them by the snail mail and I was glad to hear and see that people were receiving it.
Then came the tricky part when Rachel asked me if I wanted to  participate in a tea tandem testing with my teas.
I agreed to do so but living on the other side of the Atlantic, the tricky part was to find a time that suited everyone. In the end, we managed to find what seemed a rather good time for almost everyone (except for Geoffrey who had to work).
It seems that everyone was as excited to “meet” me as I was to “meet” them.

The day came and I logged on. After solving some technical issues with my microphone, which would have been a real problem, since my accent was supposed to be part of the show (at least this is what I had understood before getting on line), I managed to hear, see and speak.
To me, it was something new but all these ladies (Rachel, Jo, Nicole, Darlene, Jackie and Julia) made me feel comfortable and we began to speak.
About what? For example, how to pronounce the names of these teas. Since I was the native speaker, it was easy for me and hearing so many people “loving” me was a great moment of fun.
Geoffrey was another topic for our tea meeting (from we missing him to his love of teabeers and similar experiments).
We also spoke about tea in France with me trying to answer questions about the market here, the flavoured vs. non flavoured teas or the bagged/non bagged ones…
We also had guest stars with appearances of Rachel’s children (it seems I impressed the elder one or that I caught her tongue).

But in the end, we exchanged our appreciations over the tea that was being tested (I didn’t have it but I was drinking another tea from Theodor).
I will try to remember everything as I didn’t take any notes. Thé du Loup was noted for its chocolate, vanilla and almond aromas with vanilla being the most noted and almond coming as an after taste.

Thinking about it, it seems a little bit surprising as when I drank it, the chocolate taste had more strength but such is the beauty of tasting and sharing; each one of us has a different approach, different feelings and opinions.

In the end, it was a really interesting and nice experience.
Meeting online my fellow teatraders and talking about tea and other things was really great and something that I might try to do again.

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The missed Geoffrey, Lazy Literatus, who nonetheless wrote something.


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