“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” or how to be surprised in a well-known shop

I guess that at this point in time, @peter is probably wondering what I am doing and why I needed to tease him.

To be honest, this reminds me a story about Hatta and Haiga when they were drinking tea together and wondering “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Right now, half of you are thinking I have given up trying to resist our mad side and the other half (the more gentle) will think I have been cut out of my tea supplies for too long.

Both half are wrong. For the first half, I just intent to show that out of crazy and erratic things, good things can come. And for the second half, just look below.

 My teas

Let’s get back on tracks.

10 days ago, I was at my parents’ place for a birthday (a round one but I won’t tell which one) and I was sent to do some shopping in a supermarket near their house.

I was near the fruits and vegetables when suddenly something seemed out of place…

 Vrac Auchan

Yes, this.

A “take it yourself” space full of coffee, spices and … teas.

You read it right, teas sold in bulk and that you can smell, see,…

I thought “Peter, where are you hiding? Do you work for a French company?”

I went there and looked at it, I even took several pictures and was asked by a member of the staff not to do so as it was forbidden.

Like the good boy that I am, I listened to her but I can still tell you what they were selling :

Fruits and flowers black tea (Chinese tea), Red fruits green tea (Chinese tea), Citrus and passion fruit green tea (Chinese tea), 2 Infusions, Red fruits black tea (Chinese tea), Tchai tea (Chinese tea), Sencha (Chinese tea), Earl Grey (Chinese tea), English Breakfast (Ceylon and Indian teas), Darjeeling (Indian teas), Ceylon BOP (Ceylon teas), Mint green tea (Chinese teas)

There were no other indications like gardens, provinces… but what I can tell you is that they were not expensive at all.

Since I wanted to show you something but couldn’t (I only have one word), I decided to send a message to their Customer Service requesting pictures and asking for more information.

They answered rather quickly and here is what they wrote (don’t worry, I translated it).

Auchan wants to sell more and more discount products while protecting the natural environment. To do so, we are always looking for new solutions.

This is why we are testing in this shop a compete range of food products of quality but sold in “bulk.” Some products are pleasure products. But quite often, they are those we don’t buy on a daily basis (too expensive, not needed).

Our idea behind this new range of products? To allow our customers to have them but to let them decide on the volume or the quantity).”

I don’t know if they will test it in another supermarket or diversify their suppliers but I will follow this test and see what happens.

I didn’t buy anything yet but next time, I will (I need to check the quality and support “good” ideas.


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