Let’s throw the dice

I spoke a few posts ago about a game based on tea trade, Yunnan (https://teaconomics.teatra.de/2014/01/21/we-grow-old-because-we-stop-playing/). Wait, hold on for a second! This post is so old? Well, it happens.


After going through its rules once more and looking all over the Internet (perhaps not all over it but still) and on blogs about board games (mostly because I like games) and not finding anything, I came up with an idea or rather several ideas for a game on tea.

Four coloured 6 sided dice arranged in an aesthetic way by Diacritica

So here they are for you to comment on them and perhaps tell us if they could be mixed up all together or partly:

1. a garden management game that would go from investing to create your garden to selling tea;

2. the other part of the chain with people taking part in auctions with different unknown qualities and trying to send them back to Europe and selling them for a profit while trying to meet the quantity needed by the market. This would be a double blind auction;

3. focusing on the transport part with a race on the Russian road to be the first to arrive in Moscow;

4. doing the same with ships and letting you choose different roads with plus and minus on the speed, the length and the price;

5. going for the tea and horse setting (a bit like Yunnan),

6. managing a tea company trying to implement tea houses all around the country and facing problems with among others, competitors (which might or might not be other tea companies), supplies, customers, human resources;

7. going for the little alchemist approach and trying to do a mix that would receive positive awards and sell well.


As you can see, it would be possible to get some of them together in one big game, going along over small periods of time or bigger ones, focusing on one aspect or on another of the big screen.

What do you think? Would you be interested in such games? Do you have other ideas that could be useful?

We are not going to launch a game anytime soon but brainstorming about what a game on tea could be and on what it could focus is something that could be interesting.


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