Are robots more likely to have good shoes or to drink good tea?

I will share a secret with you: I am doomed. I know in the end, we all are but in my case, I am doomed earlier than you.

Why? Because a study said so.

Now you are thinking that I am really out of my mind but not at all. Once at school I read in my English a text that said that according to a study, left-handed had a shorter lifespan than the others because the world is made for right-handed, which will lead one day to a fatal accident.
This is why I only have a relative confidence in studies that show up from time to time telling you that something is that or something else is that.

Because they are based on maths or science but we (the whole of us) are lacking the information to know what is really inside them.

With luck, you might get access to the article and data that allowed someone to give you an information but most of the time, you will only get a summary like the one I made at the beginning. The other problem is that if you get access to all the data, you (like me) are probably lacking the background to double-check things.
You are probably wondering why I am speaking about this or why do I have a title that is somewhere on the road between a survey and a new version of Blade Runner (or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?).

The answer is simple: because I am reading more and more things about how green tea (and now even white tea) seems to be the new solution for almost everything (I am only slightly exaggerating).
Don’t get me wrong, I like when new people drink tea and I don’t have anything against scientists and new discoveries and findings.

What I don’t like is people doing things for the wrong reasons (unless they change along time) and under influence of people that are supposed to be experts in their respective domains.

To me this whole thing screams like marketing but the bad side of it, like when companies are trying to sell their products using whatever arguments they have even if they are false or more likely half right (the most famous example being the soap that washes whither than white (is that a kind of new colour that we don’t know about?)).
I have troubles with the concept of new discoveries being made of über product that do all for you, even more when this über product is linked to tea and when big companies jump on this opportunity to launch a new product (that is not at all what the scientists tried and tested) selling it thanks to these new arguments.
You can listen to scientists and to ads but please use your mind when hearing something and try to learn a little more about what they say (and not only through the Internet) and don’t fall for easy traps.

In other words, drink tea but don’t expect wonders apart from the taste and the experience (if it was so wonderful, it would be used in the whole world).
And now, it is time to tell you the results of my new study on robots and if they are more likely to have bad shoes or drink good tea…


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