In his lair

The Master in his lair
Was smelling the thin air
What he should do next
Was the big question.

He had done many
Nature, flavoured…
He had more than twenty
In his quest savoured.

How many dark nights
Did he look at the stars
To find a tea for tsars
Or for the not knights?

How many dark nights
With several teas
To fight the slight breezes,
Trap of so many nights?

Wondering if he had
One more time to go
To find the thing to add
The thing to make it glow.

He had met the Dragon,
More than one tea wagon
Also the Rising Sun
But all was overdone.

In need of new ideas
To create more teas
To bring a lot of joys
To all the girls and boys.

He looked at the walls
With all the tins and cans
All taken by his hands
In place he recalls.

The magic was in them
Also in the combo
Creating a true gem
To make people blow.

Having found his idea
He took a bit of this
Mixed it with that and this
In his quest to find tea.


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